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Recipes How to Make Simple Cake Bake Brownies

Recipes How to Make Simple Cake Bake Brownies Not to be confused for those of you who want to experiment with making brownies baked delicious cake recipe baked brownies because this one will not make you disappointed with the end result. This recipe uses very small possibility of failure in making brownies as long as they follow the steps exactly.

To make baked brownies would require the materials to be prepared in advance. For products from materials used this time can use any material that can be found in stores supplies cake in daereh where you live.

Recipes How to Make Simple Cake Bake Brownies

Recipes How to Make Simple Cake Bake Brownies
The materials used in baked chocolate brownie cake recipe this one is as follows

  • 175 grams of dark cooking chocolate that had been cut.
  • 250 grams of sugar
  • 100 grams of margarine
  • 20 grams of chocolate powder
  • 200 grams of wheat flour
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking powder

In baked brownies cake recipes that one can also add complementary ingredients for delicious flavor variations to better suit your taste. You can add grated cheese or diced, chopped or grated chocolate, chopped cashews, or cream to enhance the appearance brownies. Meanwhile, the equipment is to be prepared mixer, brownie pan measuring 11 cm x 22 cm, paper rolls, knife and oven.

How to create a recipe based brownies baked brownies delicious secured without fail

  • Melt dark chocolate and margarine in a way in Tim in boiling water. stir until evenly distributed, if it is evenly remove and set aside in advance in a container.
  • Mixing eggs and sugar using a mixer until the batter thickens and looks inflated.
  • After the dough expands, the input flour, chocolate and margarine mixture that has been in the team, and baking powder into the batter as he sifted beforehand. After that, stirring constantly until the dough with the dough evenly absolutely perfect by using a mixer.
  • When the dough is evenly distributed, the next step is to prepare a pan of brownies with mengolesinya using margarine. Once the pan is smeared margarine, then put baking paper pad so that the results will not stick in Loyang. Pour the brownie batter into the pan.
  • Before dough inserted in the oven first preheat the oven for approximately 10 minutes. Then enter the pan and the oven for 1 hour at a temperature of 160 oC.
  • Once the brownies cooked, set aside in advance only then be given an additional variants such as grated cheese, chocolate, and cream to your taste.
  • Baked brownies are ready to be served.

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